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The Problem The Solution
  • Over 800,000 healthcare workers in the United States are victims of accidental needle stick injuries each year.
  • High risk workers include: nurses, doctors, patients, cleaning personnel, garbage collectors, laboratory workers, EMT’s and dentists.
  • Post-procedure, needles may contain more than 30 blood-borne pathogens, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.
  • Most needle stick injuries happen right after the needle has been used.
  • Most needle stick injuries happen right after the needle has been used.

Unreported Injuries
  • Unfortunately, a high percentage of needle stick sharps injuries are unreported, making it impossible to estimate the true extent of the problem.
  • European studies estimate that most employees in the healthcare industry suffer from a needle injury at least once a year. The majority of these sharps injuries remain unreported.
Presenting Sharps Terminator ®, a unique, commercialgrade needle destruction device developed specifically for high velocity use by medical professionals.

The Sharps Terminator was created to completely eliminate used needles from the environment at the point of care, and to significantly reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks amongst healthcare and medical professionals.
  • Turns needles into harmless, inert ash in 3 seconds
  • Drastically reduces sharps container volume and cost
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Works on a wide range of needles, including IV and butterfly
  • Compact, portable and battery operated
Deployment of the Sharps Terminator® in a healthcare practice will immediately
  • Enhance employee safety and morale, and thereby increase employee retention;
  • Significantly reduce the opportunity for needle stick injuries by efficiently altering the procedure for safe needle disposal;
  • Eliminate the physical element of danger, the needle itself, by completely removing it from the environment at the point of procedure;
  • Significantly reduce the use of sharps containers, and cost of sharps disposal.
  • Significantly eliminate the need for safety needles, and the higher costs associated with using them.
One moment can change a life forever!
Sharps disposal boxes: A good start, but not the ideal solution.
  • A good start, but not the ideal solution.
    Needle disposal containers are a low-tech, impractical and costly solution.
  • Stringent regulations, fuel costs and high labor involvement result in high disposal costs.
  •  Medical needle disposal containers are considered to be resistant, but not impervious, to needle punctures.
“Safety” needles: a good idea in theory, but ineffective in practice.
  • Use of safety needles in Europe and the United States has not substantially impacted the number of needle sticks accidents.
  • Safety needle use carries a significant cost premium over use of conventional needles.
  • Studies show that as many as 45% of injuries associated with the use of safety needles took place during activation of the safety mechanism or prior to and during disposal.

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