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AR-3000E1 Laptop Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner
AR-3000E1 Laptop Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner

Applicable fields:
--Suitable for the diagnosis of Abdomen, Heart, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Thyroid Gland, Small Parts and so on.
--Widely used for clinical examination and diagnosis. They are ideal equipments to meet the needs of various kinds of hospitals and clinics.

Leading Digital Technologies:
DBF: Digital Beam Forming
RDF: Real-time Dynamic Filtering
DFS: Dynamic Frequency Scanning
RDA: Real-time Dynamic Aperture

--THI Frequency
--  Histogram
-- Double connectors
--  Double USB ports
--LCD display

-- Laptop design
--15 inches high-resolution LCD
-- 8 TGC controls
-- High-quality images
-- Broadband multi-frequency transducers
-- Two USB ports
-- Two connectors
-- Pseudo Colors

Software Functions:
-- General measurement: distance, circumference, area, oval, trace, volume, HR, gestational week
--  Obstetric measurement soft: GS, CRL, BPD, AC, HC, FL, AFI, EDD, and calculating fetus weight, pregnancy week, expected delivery date, fetal physiological rating according to the previous measurements

Standard Configuration:
--Main unit
--15 inches high-resolution LCD
--256-frame cineloop
--Two probe connectors
--Two USB ports
--3.5MHz electronic convex transducer(2.5/5.0MHz)

-- Electronic transvaginal transducer (5.0/7.5MHz)
-- Electronic high-frequency linear trandducer (6.5/8.5MHz)
-- Trolley
-- Video Printer



15 inches high-resolution LCD

Scanning Mode

Electronic convex array, Electronic linear array

Display Mode

B, B/B, B/M and M


x0.8, x1.0, x1.2, x1.3, x1.5, x1.6, x1.8, x2.0

Gray Scale



A, B, C, D, E, F, G,H


Horizontal≤2mm, Vertical≤1mm

Geometrical Precision


Blind Area



8-section TGC adjustment

Pseudo Colors


Display Depth

240mm and depth could be increased

Image Polarity

Left/right, positive/negative and up/down


Successive 256 frames

Output Interface

Three output interfaces: 1 VGA and 2 PAL video signal output

Power Supply Range

AC 110V60Hz, 220V50Hz

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ESU-L2000 LEEP Electrosurgical Unit
ESU-L2000 LEEP Electrosurgical Unit

-Microcomputer control
-ESU-L2000(LEEP) generator adopts LEEP which specializing in gynecological intrauterine event, increasing the accuracy, controllability, security of the surgery.
-Dealing with some kinds of pathological changes in obstetric and gynecology,   for example, cutting, electrocoagulation, cervical erosion, and some kinds of surgery that fit in peritoneoscope.
-Different electrodes have different effects in coagulation.
-An optional smoke evacuation system is available.
-Particular illuminating ESU pencil can increase the clarity of wound healing.
Surgical Smoke Evacuation
-blowing rate: 100 l/min @ 6mm tube
-Noise: <60dB(A) 
-Start Control: Manus/Foot/Synchronize
-Suction Adjust: 10%?100%
-Stop delay time: 0?60s
-AC Power: AC90~250V, 50Hz
-Power consumption: < 350W
-Filter Characteristics: 99.999% @ 0.1-0.2μm
-Active Carbon: 97% @ 1 year


ARI-108 Operation Microscope
ARI-108 Operation Microscope

ARI Series Operation Microscopes using fibre-optic cable for coaxial illumination, have different working distance and magnification. They are featured for flexible handling and easy operation. These operation microscopes can be sued for micro-operation in ear-nose-throat, ophthalmology, gynecology and surgery.

ARI108 Operation Microscope: 
Observation angle: 45°tilted
Magnification of observation: 6X
Focal length of objective: F=200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm four objectives
Magnification changer: 3-step: 0.6X, 1X, 1.6X
Total Magnification: 2.4X-12X
Fine focusing distance: 10mm
Illumination: Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, brightness adjustable on operation microscope
Lamp: 21V150W halogen lamp
Filter: Build-in green and yellow filter
Operation microscope with beam splitter, TV adapter. Demonstrator optional

Operation microscope with 1-part arm, counterweight adjustable and can be locked

Operation microscope with floor stand. Column is short

 Table of Specification for ARI Series Operation Microscope:

Item ARI101 ARI102 ARI103 ARI104 ARI107 ARI108 ARI120 ARI130
Binocular observation Straight 45º Tilted Straight 45º Tilted Straight 45º Tilted Straight 45º Tilted
Magnification of Observation 6X
Magnification changer 3-step magnification change: 0.6X,1X,1.6X
Focal length of objective 4 objectives: F=200,250,300,400mm.
Connecting screw: M38x0.75
4 objectives: F=200,250,300,400mm.
Connecting screw: M45x0.75
Total magnification 2.4X-12X
Beamsplitter No 50:50 Beamsplitter
Demonstrator Optional
TV adapter C-mount 1/3 inch CCD camera attachable
Photo adapter Optional
Fine focusing range 10mm
Filter Built-in green and yellow filters
Balancing arm 2-part arm 1-part arm, counterweight adjustable 2-part arm, counterweight adjustable
Illumination system Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, 21V150W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable
Fiber-optic cable 1600mm 1300mm 1700mm
Stand 2-part column fitted on the five-star base Table mount 1-part column fitted on the five-star base 2-part column fitted on the five-star base

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