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Features of TANGO:
808nm Laser
Supporting High Power
Diode Laser (600W)
Available for various diseases for which medicine is efficacious
More powerful double cooling function
Multifunctional diode laser equipment
Applicable to all kinds of skin types even dark skin types including dark skin
How does it work..?
Ageing Skin results in a decrease in number of small blood vessels which results in decrease in oxygen reaching the tissue. The treatment involves the gradual administration of CO2 gas via micro- injections just beneath the surface of skin, so the body interprets this is an oxygen deficit result in: Increasing the flow of blood, significant surge of oxygen and nutrients, lead to improvement of skin cellular function and produce more collagen and elastin. Carbone Dioxide Therapy is often described as the biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox. It is a very safe FDA approved, quick, effective, and less comfortable with no down time treatment, given in a way exactly like mesotherapy. It is highly effective Rejuvenation treatment.
Highlights :
Fast treatment : one of the fastest in the market with spot size 12x 12 @ 20 Hz
Powerful device : 600W higher power diode
In- motion mode : 1-20 mJ with 20 Hz ( short pulse)- painless treatment
No consumables
Comfortable treatment ( the coldest tip in the market )
6. Permanent results
7. Improving all over skin tone & texture
First System with Multi Controlled Mode Short Pulse, Long Pulse, Burst, Blend
*  Continuous Wave Mode for

   - Skin Tightening
   - Acne Treatment
   - Smoothing
*  Fast Motion Mode Prevents Pain
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