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Why Carboxy Therapy needed…?
The natural process of alarming for the requirement of O2 in an affected area is done by co2, In the absences of this process Carboxy therapy is needed.
What is Carboxy therapy...?
Process of delivering external CO2 gas into the affected area, creating an artificial signal and forcing the brain to give a command to human body to provide oxygen to the treatment area. This helps increase the oxygen supply to the affected area thus improving the blood circulation resulting in obtaining desired result.
How does it work..?
Ageing Skin results in a decrease in number of small blood vessels which results in decrease in oxygen reaching the tissue. The treatment involves the gradual administration of CO2 gas via micro- injections just beneath the surface of skin, so the body interprets this is an oxygen deficit result in: Increasing the flow of blood, significant surge of oxygen and nutrients, lead to improvement of skin cellular function and produce more collagen and elastin. Carbone Dioxide Therapy is often described as the biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox. It is a very safe FDA approved, quick, effective, and less comfortable with no down time treatment, given in a way exactly like mesotherapy. It is highly effective Rejuvenation treatment.
What is Cell Q ?
Cell Q: Is a Carboxy CO2 machine used for Topical Obesity treatment of Abdomen, Arms, Thighs, Calves, Face, 2way injection system and Heating system.
Application and Usage
1. Reducing dark under- eyes circles  
2. Improving the fine lines and wrinkles  
3. Minimizing stretch marks
4. Permanent results  
5. Fading out scars  
6. Permanent results  
7. Improving all over skin tone & texture  
Other Advantages:
1. Smoothing skin appearance by reducing appearance of cellulite
2. Slimming by reducing the volume of fatty tissue
3. Skin Tightening by improving the skin laxity and texture by stimulation and synthesis of Fibroblasts.
Advantages over other Carboxy methods
1. Minimize the Pain
2. Built-in heating function will reduce the pain by warming liquefied CO2 gas while injecting.
3. Break-up injections with 2 way system can reduces pain and treatment time
4. Injection volume can be controlled by various settings available (Software & Solenoid Valve)
5. Digital display monitor gives effective control over traditional methods
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